Dec 2007 – Current

Founder, Blogger

GroovyLittleCity LLC

I am the founder and author of GroovyLittleCity.com, a new blog that stitches together humor, anecdotes, and tales from my sewing room with memories, videos and occasional general ramblings.

This is not the only brew I have on tap, however. Because in addition to sewing, GroovyLittleCity has been my think-tank and factory for a number of other projects, some of which include:

  • The JobHopr Mobile App (pre-beta). This app and web tool provides job seekers with the ability to pull, collate, and manage job postings from any combination of sources, using the always-available JobHopr Toolbox.
  • The GroovyLittleCity Coworking concept, the first public coworking business plan in Austin, Texas. Working directly with US experts in this emerging industry, performed market research and supporting business plan.
  • The GroovyLittleCity Shop Local app (end of life), which provided shoppers with an Etsy-like catalog of retail inventory available in locally-owned small businesses with integrated shopping list, map, and social networking built-in.

Jun 2011 – Jun 2014

Senior Global Project Manager

Alliance Of Professional Consultants, Inc.
IBM SmartCloud Application Services (full life cycle); IBM BlueMix (infrastructure & services integration); IBM BlueMix Hackathon; IBM Cloud Partner Marketplace (build, integration,market  launch) & IBM Cloud Marketplace (market launch)

Managed executive milestones and integrated project plans in the fast changing environment of IBM Cloud (with input from project and team managers across business units) for:

  • the 2014 global market launch of IBM Cloud marketplace and partner marketplace
  • the 2013 and 2014 integration of 3rd party and IBM ecommerce solutions for the IBM Cloud marketplace
  • the 2011/2012 build out and global launch of IBM SmartCloud Application Services
  • the 2013/2014 build out of IBM BlueMix and associated pre-launch hackathon

Responsible for communicating priorities and business requirements to matrix of global architecture, development, testing, operations, delivery and support Scrum teams. Assisted these teams in creation/review of sprint plans. Acted as intermediary between technical and business teams to communicate and resolve challenges to priorities and plans, as well as overall impact to strategic Cloud roadmap.

Likewise, performed same role for market intelligence, business model development, financial systems, marketing and sales teams. Additionally, assisted in the creation of Business and Marketing plans for the new Cloud marketplace platform and services.

Led daily and weekly meetings with all teams to brainstorm solutions, discuss changes to risk and expectations, and maintain updated metrics against strategic roadmap and detailed plans.

Met with key IBM Cloud executives on a regular basis to review and gain assistance in removal of roadblocks to plans, as needed.

Hosted recurring weekly and monthly meetings with IBM Cloud executives and senior management chains. Presented plans, risk assessments, and status of overall initiatives to multiple levels of the IBM organization, from developer to CEO direct reports.

Assisted product and initiative management with quarterly and annual budget management, reports and planning.

Provided input to Project Office to streamline and integrate best practices in Agile and Scrum methodologies. Acted as reviewer and early adopter of revised methodologies and standards.

Oct 2001 – May 2008

Project Manager, Release Manager, Change Manager, Compliance Lead, Testing Manager, Software Engineer


Coordinated change and test management for up to 40 related tools and technical projects impacting online customer support for IBM Software Group customers.

Guided teams through the development of optimized project plans for all releases of IBM Workplace For Customer Support online support portal from Concept through End Of Life, leveraging Iterative, Waterfall and Agile project management approaches.

Evangelized Agile business processes for IBM Workplace for Customer Support teams, speeding feature implementation exponentially.

Designed and developed multiple team tools to support project management and test efforts, including Project Registry, DSW Testing Stats, and Spex & Rex.

Worked with multiple teams across the organization to ensure audit readiness for Sarbanes–Oxley and IBM global branding, data, security, and business process standards.

Honestly, this could go on for at least another dozen years

Some of the more interesting jobs I held prior to 2001 included:

  • Software Developer (HTML, CSS, and various scripting languages)
  • Network Administrator for a video telecom company
  • Sole Tech Support For PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Austin & San Antonio
  • Production Manager for an environmental engineering firm
  • Production Manager for a small advertising agency
  • ScanTron Reader Developer for a military foreign language training center
  • Receptionist / Word Processor, usually the only person in the office who understood how to use the office’s only PC
  • Legal Document Encoder for a small software startup before software startup companies even existed
  • Retail Sales for a very, very exclusive clothing store, the likes of which doesn’t even really exist anymore (alas)
  • Data entry clerk
  • “Food Service Engineer” for every fast food joint in Canyon, Texas
  • Waitress
  • Costumed Cauldron Stirrer for the musical Texas (but only for one night)


Arundhati Bhowmick IBM Cloud Development Manager at IBM

Arundhati Bhowmick

IBM Cloud Development Manager / IBM
July 17, 2014

Rachel is the most intelligent and professional Project Manager I have ever worked with during my professional career. She’s very apt in grasping technical or business gaps no matter how complex the projects are. While working with IBM Cloud marketplace I found Rachel to be very talented in keeping all different business groups informed be it partners, vendors, clients or IBM GTS, software groups or CIOs offices. She’s has a very positive attitude and a gem to be part of any organization.


Ian Connor

Ian Connor

CTO & Co-Founder / Bliss.ai

While I was the development team leader of the IBM Workplace for Customer Support at IBM, I had the pleasure to work with Rachel. Rachel managed the project, while I managed the development team and helped keep the project tasks and milestone priorities focused and on track while I worked with the development team to meet those milestones. As always, there was a number of time sensitive issues and new feature pressure brought to bear and we were able to manage those together while keeping everyone working and moving forward. We worked together to make the best project possible and Rachel was an excellent Project Manager.


Project Management Methodologies

Traditional (Iterative, Waterfall)



A Mix Of Whatever Works Best For The Team

Leading Everybody Through Corporate Standards

Influencing Better Corporate Standards

Project Management Tools

Rational Team Concert

Rational Requirements Composer



Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Project

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Visio


Higher Education

  • West Texas State (now A&M) University – twice (CIS)
  • Arapahoe Community College – once (General Studies)
  • Brookhaven Community College – once (General Studies)
  • Metropolitan State University – once (Education. Really.)
  • Austin Community College – once (General Studies)

Professional Education

Professional Project Management (400+ hours)


Freshman English

If It Makes You Feel Any Better